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1993 Cadillac Sixty Special

Posted on May 9, 2017   

When the Fleetwood name supplanted Brougham on the large rear-wheel-drive Cadillac in 1993, the model that had been the Fleetwood (which was really just a variant of the front-wheel-drive Sedan DeVille) was renamed, simply, "Sixty Special". This was the first and only time in 53 years that the "Fleetwood" name was not used with the "Sixty Special" designation. While it was based upon the DeVille, the Sixty Special included eleven items as standard equipment that were optional on DeVille. In addition, there were options for the Sixty Special not available on the DeVille, such as a driver's side 2-position memory seat and individual power recliners for the front seats. On the exterior, the most noticeable difference were the rear wheel fender skirts, giving the Sixty Special a heavier, more formal look than the DeVille.